Rethinking relationship with screens

Always being online can make it difficult for us to maintain a work-life balance and make us feel harried, stressed, and sometimes lost. As smartphone apps proliferate, social media usage is on the rise, and we spend more and more time staring at our screens.

A quick quiz! How strongly do you agree with the following statements?

  • Various apps distract you while studying
  • You don’t wait for a notification to check your phone
  • You spend a fair amount of screen time before bed
  • You are aware of the reduced physical activity levels.
  • You are anxious about WIFI signals

If you feel most of these statements describe you, your constant use of smartphones and other screens could be affecting your physical and mental health. A digital detox could help. Over this period, you intentionally spend less time online. Maybe even completely disconnect. Detachment from digital distractions, which have become a part of our lives, allows us to discover new, enriching things.

The Benefits of a Digital Detox

Disconnecting from your devices or making a conscious effort to use them less can help you improve your quality of life by:

  • Calming down and feeling content
  • Being more productive &
  • Feeling better about yourself

Practicing digital detox and the benefits of turning off both your computer and your phone can be easy with these tips:

Digital detox each day for a month

Digital detox each day for a month is much simpler to do than a longer challenge. Perhaps going off of all social media, avoiding your computer, and maybe even ignoring texts completely is something you can handle for a whole day.

Turn off push notification

Not having the constant notification that asks for attention helps reduce mental stress and will make you feel more in control of your day.

Limiting smartphone usage before bed

Try turning your phone or tablet on airplane mode 30 minutes before you go to bed. The quality of your sleep will improve. A simple practice but an effective one. Usage of phones as an alarm clock is undeniable however we also know that there are substitutes available.

Rewarding yourself with a distraction-free time

Treat yourself to a new magazine or a few chapters or pursue fun and productive activities that you are passionate about. Such activities will become habits over time and help to promote long-term happiness.

Mastering digital detox in groups

Having a digital detox with family and friends is much easier. This can be practiced during weekends when everyone practices digital detox.

As was mentioned in the tips above, a 'digital detox is not meant to last long. Technology is pertinent in our lives having an impact on the way we communicate. However, temporary breaks from our devices can work wonders and the benefits can have a long-lasting impact.