M.Phil(PT/FT) & PhD(PT&FT) Of Literature

The Department of English scales up to become the research department to facilitate the researchers to specialise in areas such as Journalism, Phonetics, Linguistics, British, American, Indian, Afro-American, Post-colonial and New Literatures. The department also aims to provide a viable and credible learning experience for inquisitive researches by widening the current body of knowledge pertaining to English language and literature across diverse fields of study and bring out the core values of a discipline, textual, critical and theoretical analysis and contextual knowledge to the dynamic and changing field of English literary environment.

Our research mission is implemented through a wide range of approaches and methodologies, including literary criticism, literary history, interdisciplinary approaches, cultural materialism, critical and cultural theory, archival research, discourse analysis, digital humanities, and scholarly editing. Incorporating a research component along with a sound academic foundation enables students to develop independent critical thinking skills. The researchers work closely with research supervisor and have the opportunity to connect with other researchers who work in his/her area of interest. Extensive knowledge of literature and an understanding of writing styles and English language structure will open the door to a wide range of research

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